Ugly Baptism - Free Gift!

As human beings we have a tendency to think our sin is less repugnant than the sins of those who we look down on. Other people's sins stink more than our sin. We tend to baptize our sin in flowery language and righteous excuses. We all know that there are socially acceptable sins, right? Juicy gossip isn't as repulsive as drug addiction. Secret internet habits aren't as horrendous as an actual extramarital affair. Selfish impatience with our children isn't as bad as shoplifting.

What we fail to realize is that it all stinks. Every un-repented choice we make outside of our relationship with Jesus contributes to what the Bible calls the "wages of sin." Sin leads to separation and death--even socially acceptable sins. Thank God we don't have to live with the wages of sin. We are all offered a gift that is called grace, a gift that reverses what we've earned and gives us an inheritance.

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